Paco Ayala, the change maker behind Huerto Roma Verde

Although these last two years there was no physical Maker Faire Galicia, we have made good use of the time and greatly expanded our community, especially in Latin America. One of the great discoveries has been the Huerto Roma Verde project, located in Mexico City and led by the socio-environmental activist Paco Ayala.

In September 1985 there was a big earthquake in Mexico City that caused many buildings to fall. Some of them generated abandoned spaces for years, as in the case of the site where the Huerto Roma Verde is located today, which was for 27 years.

Paco Ayala, who defines himself as a social tinsmith, after seeing what was happening with that space, led the local community to build a common project that would recover it and connect them with nature.

This is how Huerto Roma Verde was born, a biosocial innovation laboratory that works through permaculture, the knowledge of native peoples or the maker movement and that seeks to create regenerative models for the planet. In this space they solve their problems through participatory design, believe in self-management and work around a systemic paradigm that is leading them to be energetically independent.

Today and 10 years after its inception, this space is already a worldwide reference and they are scaling their model to other geographical areas based on all the knowledge generated during this decade.

Next June 4th and during the open days we will have Paco Ayala with us, who will tell us in detail about this inspiring project and with which we can learn so much.