Samu, the Maker of the Renaissance

In recent years, professional profiles have focused on constant specialization, seeking above all specific knowledge and optimization. However, at this time, where we are already beginning to sense the scope of artificial intelligence, there is an opposite trend that is looking for profiles that know how to navigate uncertainty, adapt to change and show great versatility.

Proof of this is Samu, a Maker from Gondomar, who at the age of 13 is an illustrator, graffiti artist, sculptor, actor and skateboarder.
At only 6 years old he began to make his first illustrations and at 7 he fully entered the world of graffiti, after meeting Gori, a graffiti artist from his town who painted at his school.

The first festival he attended was El millo Verde in 2019 when he was only 8 years old and that same year he also participated in the graffiti exhibition at the Galifornia Beat festival. From here, he participated in the Demostramos Festival or in the Vigo culture festival last summer, among others. In parallel to this, Samu began to draw cups and upload his creations to his instagram, which we liked so much that we In the 2022 edition of the Maker Faire Galicia we invited him to give a workshop, so that he could share his knowledge with the community.

As you can see on his instagram, this renaissance maker was also interested in sculpture, making truly spectacular creations with polymer putty and integrating waste material such as soda or spray cans, in true Steve Casino style.
In 2021 Samu makes the leap to the cinema and participates in the short film A Rabia, which has been selected at festivals in France, Brazil or Colombia and was recently nominated in the latest edition of the Mestre Mateo Galician Film Awards.

To be able to do all this while studying ESO at the IES Auga de Laxe in Gondomar, you have to be physically fit, something that Samu achieves with skateboarding, a passion that he has practiced since he was 8 years old, which he shares with his little brother and to which he Of course, he transfers his talent by illustrating.

This year we will have the honor of having Samu in the educational day of the Maker Faire Galicia on June 2, where he will teach us everything that non-formal learning has brought him and he will tell us what are the next projects he has in mind.