Workshops Maker Faire Galicia 2022

The moment that the most maker profiles were waiting for has finally arrived, the workshops of the Maker Faire Galicia 2022 are here. Be careful, this is just a preview, in the next few days there will be news and we will update this post, so stay tuned :)

Professional Days (Wednesday 1 and Thursday 2 June)

Game Maker Jam

Introduction to computer vision with Python

Driving IoT with LoraWAN

Cybersecurity for SMEs and freelancers

Education Day (Friday, June 3)

During the educational day we will have numerous workshops and activities, which will delight teachers and students of all ages, below we comment on the first confirmations.

Maker microscope (pre-registration required - limited places)

Manufacture of adapted buttons (pre-registration required - limited places)

Arduino in Physics and Chemistry class (pre-registration required - limited places)

Makey Makey (pre-registration required - intended for groups/educational centers)

Bugworld (pre-registration required - intended for groups/educational centers)

Playroom with Chafarís* (pre-registration required - intended for groups/educational centers)

Video game creation* (pre-registration required - intended for groups/educational centers)

Creative electronics* (pre-registration required - intended for groups/educational centers)

Augmented reality* (pre-registration required - intended for groups/educational centers)

Build a catapult using Alquimétricos LAB

Game Maker Jam

Introduction to robotics with Micro:BIT

Introduction to basic video game development

DIY holograms

Creative electronics with conductive modeling clay

Space science and rocket creation

Open Days (Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 June)

In the open days, which will be held on June 4 and 5, we will also have a wide variety of workshops for all audiences, which, as in the previous days, will be completely free.

Internet Explorers #eljuegoderol* (pre-registration required - limited places)

Putties for prototyping support products (pre-registration required - limited places)

Bugworld (pre-registration required - limited places)

Board game tournament with Chafarís* (pre-registration required - limited places)

Stencil Art* (pre-registration required - limited places)

Mug Paint* (pre-registration required - limited places)

Parkour* (requires pre-registration - limited places)

Cap paint* (pre-registration required - limited places)

Augmented reality(pre-registration required - limited places)

Creative electronics(pre-registration required - limited places)

Creative electronics* (pre-registration required - limited places)

VacaBots* (pre-registration required - limited places)

Game Maker Jam

The schedules of the different live workshops, both online and face-to-face, can be consulted within each of their files.

*The workshops with an asterisk will have several sessions within the event, to know the hours you just have to consult the list of workshops on our platform.