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Chus Prol

I have worked managing workplaces and sales teams; I have done coaching; I have given sales and marketing training; I have helped people to get the best out of themselves in job search processes; I have taught Spanish to immigrants; I have managed training and I have never stopped training. Education and didactics is the other way in which I approach people, my true vocation.

I was the founder and manager of Doutroxeito Coworking (a space that continues to provide services even though I had left it) where there was room for coworkers determined to develop as people and as professionals, where we contributed to the dynamisation of the city and where, as a coworker, I joined projects and initiatives of people I admire.

I am currently a secondary school teacher of Spanish language and literature, and I try to put into practice in the classroom what the world of business and collaborative initiatives have taught me.

Matilde Rodríguez Domínguez

Matilde Rodríguez Domínguez (Beade, 1982): professional career of 10 years in the field of cultural management of multidisciplinary projects and exhibition curatorship, specialising in the field of contemporary illustration.

Director of the International Exhibition of Contemporary Illustration, with the-director of the International Animation Festival, IMAGINARIA; and curator of the travelling exhibition ILUSTRAD/Las: una mirada a lana creación femenina en lana ilustración de vanguardia for the Cervantes Institute, currently on show at the Cervantes Institute in Prague, after having been to New York, Chicago, Paris, Manchester, Belgrade, Frankfurt, Munich, Bucharest, Timisoara and Brussels.

Enrique Saavedra

Co-organiser Maker Faire Galicia

Marcos Saavedra Seoane

Co-organiser Maker Faire Galicia

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