29/06/2024   20:00 - 20:30

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Mary Iglesias is a 17 year old singer with training in musical language, voice, piano and guitar, as well as ballet studies. Although she performs all kinds of musical styles her preference is blues; she does covers and is also composing her own songs. She is currently the lead singer of the rock band Onda Dagda.For Mary music is her life, she wants to transmit to the people who listen to her what she feels with each song.

For her, music is a universal language, she is also transversal and supportive and goes beyond the artistic, whenever she can, she collaborates with cultural and social entities.

She is studying science baccalaureate and wants to study medicine; one day she would like to go into the field of medicine that studies and applies music as a therapeutic tool.

Winner of the literary contest, of the "Terra Chá" in the category of women in science, also in the Rockschool Spain 2022 contest and the "Canta con Ames 2022", finalist of the "Quero Cantar 2023"...

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