29/06/2024   17:00 - 17:30

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Pablo Castiñeira

I am 38 years old and I have always been dedicated to the promotion of healthy lifestyles in young people, in different areas related to sport, culture and social intervention.

I have a degree in Sports Science and a degree in Commercial Management and Marketing, although my passion for Urban Culture has led me to dedicate a large part of my time to research, innovate and manage projects related to this field in Galicia through Vella Escola, the entity that I have directed and represented since 2009. Since then and during 15 years of career, I have developed a wide variety of projects and services related to what I am passionate about. 

Recently I have published ‘Somos Hip Hop’, the first book worldwide about Hip Hop with augmented reality and also the first one written in Galician about this genre.

Today I am a father of Rio, a tireless baby of only 15 months of life that has embarked me on a new process of adaptation, between the business environment, my personal development and family life.

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