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Mariana Senín Santiago

Graduated in Art History and founder of Nails Out, a project that arises from her interest in exploring the possibilities of nail art as an artistic discipline. For her, manicure is a means of expression through which to involve references from worlds such as painting, illustration or fashion.

Born in Pontecesures and resident in Santiago de Compostela, throughout her career she has collaborated with different creative and multidisciplinary spaces in cities such as A Coruña, Ourense, Oviedo or Barcelona. In addition, she recently began her career as a trainer at the Escuela Unitaria (Santiago de Compostela), where she gave nail art and creativity workshops.

Information about the project:

Nails Out is a project derived from the interest in nail art as a discipline on the other side of the aesthetic or gender canons. The idea is based on the concept of manicure as a creative game that allows experimenting with materials and capturing visual references of all kinds on small canvases that accompany those who wear them in their daily lives.



Manuel Fernández Fernández

Business Services Manager in Servicios Ganaderos Monte do Gozo

Teresa Otero

This native of Compostela has taught mathematics for 35 years at the Antonio Fraguas Secondary School until her retirement last year 2023. Passionate about maths since she was very young, she became interested in origami as a way of teaching geometry to her students, which is where we can say that Teresa Otero reinvented the teaching of maths through play and experience with paper. A passion and skill that now accompanies her outside the classroom, as she continues to give origami workshops in the hospital of Santiago, in leisure centres, etc.

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