29/06/2024   16:00 - 16:30

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Rural Hacking: Fighting against depopulation in Galicia through technology and the maker attitude

In this presentation we will explore how the fusion of technology, community collaboration and fostering a maker mentality contributes significantly to combating depopulation in rural areas of Galicia. Focusing on the case of Anceu, a village in the province of Pontevedra with less than 100 inhabitants, we will highlight the Rural Hackers initiative. This village has been transformed into a node of innovation, attracting creative people interested in applying technology in rural environments. The project has encouraged not only the arrival of new residents, but also the active integration of the local community in the innovation process, allowing technological solutions to emerge from the needs and direct participation of the inhabitants.

Rural Hackers organises initiatives in rural areas that include both technology experts and local residents, creating a reciprocal learning environment where traditional knowledge and modern technological approaches are valued. This model has not only proven to be effective in Anceu, but is also replicable in other villages in Galicia, helping to combat depopulation and empowering the communities of our towns and villages to be protagonists of their own sustainable development.

In this talk we will provide effective tools to generate and replicate this impact in other contexts. We will discuss good practices in this type of environments and present some of the projects implemented, such as robotics courses, rural hackathons, repair cafés, computer repair, computer classes, as well as European projects that contribute to this dynamisation.

We will conclude with a reflection on how this model of collaboration and open innovation can be adapted to other regions with similar challenges, charting a path towards a more connected and sustainable future for the whole of Galicia. Our ultimate goal is to create synergies with different initiatives that promote the maker mentality, strengthening our communities through innovation and collaboration.


Ignacio Márquez

An expert in managing European projects with social impact that seek community revitalisation, Ignacio has a strong focus on using technology for social transformation. Co-founder of Rural Hackers.

África Rodriguez

Passionate about collaborative culture and manager of Arroelo Coworking space with more than 10 years of experience, focused on rural community development and implementation of innovation projects. Co-founder of Rural Hackers

Agustín Jamardo

A specialist in technology and back end programming, Agustin seeks from his space ‘Anceu Coliving’ founded 4 years ago to fight against depopulation and bring new possibilities to the Galician countryside. Co-founder of RuralHackers.

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