Aulas Tecnópole

Cold vibes, design and construction of a cooler suitable and efficient for organ transport.


What does the project consist of?
The construction and study of a prototype refrigerator suitable for organ transport.


What is the purpose of this project?
The aim of this project is to obtain a cooler suitable for transporting organs in optimal conditions for transplantation in an efficient and economical way.


How does it work?
The project works on the basis of Peltier plates, which are a ceramic-based cooling system containing semiconductor chemicals (bismuth telluride and antimony selenide) inside, together with an Arduino circuit assembled from scratch and two passive heatsinks.


What does it bring to the Maker Community?
It brings an improvement to the living conditions of society as it is a safe and efficient way of transporting organs. In addition, it allows absolute control of all the parameters of the organ during its transport, which allows us to eliminate the time wasted in checking whether the organ is in a suitable condition for transplantation.


Who has carried out the project?
The students of the Aulas Tecnópole:
Hugo Arribas Álvarez, Aroa Álvarez Pérez, Catalina Riveiro Bouzas, Alejandro Fidalgo Álvarez.

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