Project Description:

"Escape Ruuuum" is a themed escape room designed and built by the students, which immerses the participants in an exciting and fun story. The narrative revolves around farmers who are abducted by aliens, who are cows from another galaxy on a mission to free the cows from Earth. Participants must escape from the alien ship before it leaves the planet by overcoming various trials and challenges.


Problem to be solved:

 The "Escape Ruuuum" project addresses the problem of unattractive traditional education by creating a playful and educational experience that motivates participants to learn through solving puzzles and immersing themselves in an interactive story.


Story and Setting:

The abducted farmers find themselves on an alien ship controlled by cows from another galaxy. These cows are on a mission to free the cows from the humans. Inside the ship, the participants will find an abducted cow from their farm, who after special treatment has regained some of her intellectual capacity. This cow will try to help the participants escape. However, there is also an alien guard who will try to prevent their escape.


Tests and Challenges:
Science Quizzes:

Participants will have to solve problems and puzzles related to scientific concepts, stimulating critical thinking and the application of knowledge acquired in the classroom.

The Cow God:

In this quiz, players will learn about the mythology and alien culture of cows. They will have to interpret symbols and messages related to the "Cow God" to advance.

Musical Quizzes:

Participants will have to identify melodies and musical patterns, possibly using instruments or electronic devices, to unlock clues and progress through the story.

Codes and the Universe:

This challenge involves solving codes and puzzles based on the universe and astronomy, encouraging interest in space and logical thinking.


Educational Value and Skills Development:
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving:

Students develop skills in designing and creating complex puzzles that require critical thinking and problem solving.

Participants in the escape room must apply these same skills to overcome the trials and escape the ship.

Teamwork and Collaboration:

The construction of the escape room requires students to work together, planning and executing the room design and challenges.

Game participants must collaborate and communicate effectively to solve the puzzles and escape in time.

Creativity and Innovation:

Students exercise their creativity by developing a unique narrative and building an immersive intergalactic-themed experience.

The incorporation of innovative technological and design elements, such as special effects and interactive devices, enriches the escape room experience.

Application of Multidisciplinary Knowledge:

The escape room tests integrate knowledge of science, music, mythology and astronomy, promoting holistic and multidisciplinary learning.

Students apply theoretical knowledge in a practical and entertaining context, reinforcing learning through experience.


Technologies and Tools Used:

Arduino and Microcontrollers: To create interactive effects and control the test mechanisms.
3D printing: Used to build thematic elements and decorations.
Sensors and Actuators: To detect player interaction and activate tracks and mechanisms.
Design Software: To plan the layout and graphic elements of the escape room.
Scratch Programming: Used to create some of the interactive challenges and animations within the game, facilitating the creation of educational and entertaining content.
Prototyping Materials and Tools: Including saws, cutters, cardboard, and other materials and tools needed for the construction and assembly of the escape room.



Paula Lourido Rodríguez
Sara Martínez Vázquez
Xavier Fagilde Sande
Andrés Barreiro Brey
Rodrigo Suárez Davila

"Escape Ruuuum" not only offers a fun and immersive gaming experience, but it is also a powerful educational tool that promotes active learning, critical thinking and collaboration among students, preparing them to face and solve complex problems in a creative and effective way.


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