The aim of this project is to make cycling safer. After investigating the number of accidents and deaths on the roads, the students wondered why cars had safety devices and bikes didn't. To better understand the problem, they conducted a survey that they sent to the Galician cycling clubs and the triathletes team that will be going to the Olympics.




Flight instrument system

The main objective of this project carried out at CIFP As Mercedes was the creation of a flight instrument panel equipped with basic instruments and their systems for measuring essential flight variables in air navigation. This project is of an educational in nature and serves as a demonstration of the operation of a real airplane´s flight instruments. The materials and tools used in this project are common in the aeronautical industry.

IT monitorization system

This project consists of a monitoring system for CPDs based on open source and open hardware technologies. Specifically, the Zabbix monitoring system is combined with the Home Assistant application for automation and the MQTT protocol for data collection from sensors.





VR Rehabilitation

Virtual reality allows the creation of a very realistic environment, while achieving the immersion of the user in it. The purpose of this project is to use this technology to develop scenarios that serve as a complementary tool in therapies with people with functional diversity.


TheFabLab students from the Salesianos Santo Ángel Avilés School, Asturias observed that during recesses, this year and due to the current situation, kindergarten and primary students cannot interact with each other. That is why they have designed a kind of jukebox so that their younger companions can take it to recess and enjoy a more fun recess in this Covid period.



Garden-kepper robot

This project, carried out by Arturo Martín from IES Plurilingüe Rosalía de Castro, consists, as the name suggests, in a robot to tend to the garden. The device is controlled via bluetooth using a video game controller.

CAFI Education Activities

Teachers can use robots working on multidisciplinary projects with different levels and options, seeking to integrate programming and computational thinking that affects the future of their students.

Smart Dress

This smart dress is equipped with several sensors that measure the quality of the air and some environmental gases, GPS, IoT modules, and RGB LEDs. The dress is registering the coordinates where the dress is located and sending all the data through IoT technology to a web page that the students have designed to be able to see the air quality values ​​in those coordinates.

Smart Umbrella

How to help children with special educational needs with ICT to improve their ability to concentrate? At the Colegio Salesianos Santo Ángel, they worked on visual stimulation therapies using tables with coloured lights with children with special educational needs. They created  the Smart Umbrella  for these children using Arduino and a color sensor  that captures the frequency of the light that reaches it and with a strip of LEDs that lights up according to the color it points to.

Watch-up room 2.0

This project, developed by the VermisLAB MakersPro group, consists of the design and construction of a model of a room that has various tasks such as making the bed, opening and closing the blinds, regulating the temperature and setting an alarm.





Yayagram was created to help the older generation to communicate with each other their grandchildren. It is a device that provides them with a voice and an opportunity for people who do not know how to use messaging apps on mobile devices to communicate.

VIP Zone Makers

In all events there is always a moment as an exhibitor in which we are tired, we need to disconnect or we simply get bored. In addition to this, it often happens that you meet the most interesting people in more informal situations such as a networking lunch or a coffee.


Don't leave Maker Faire Galicia without voting for your favorite projects

Time to play

This project consists of creating kits based on Makey Makey with materials that we can find at home to develop controllers to play video games with. The Colegio de Fomento Aldovea students in Madrid seek to promote physical activity during digital leisure time in a simple, cheap and very entertaining way.


A group of students from the Rosalía de Castro Plurilingual IES present this project that aims to be a solution for both recycling electronic waste and combating energy poverty in the Third World: a solar cooker.





How can we stimulate digital creativity in distance education, with isolated and homebound students? That has been the challenge this year of ICT in 3D of the Group of Schools Venda do Pinheiro of Portugal.

Robot with Micro:bit

This project carried out by a teacher and his Early Childhood Education students from CEIP Xoaquín Lourenzo Xocas consists of a simple cardboard robot that moves thanks to a servo and programming with the Micro: bit board with MakeCode.

Robot Band

Tetsuji Katsuda from Japan presents the Robot Band formed by five humanoid robots. Two on drums, two on metallophones and Miss Tomato on the microphone with her incredible voice. You can't miss the concert on saturday 5th at 1pm!




Mapping Interactivo of Spain's history

This project, carried out by the 4th grade students of the Santo Ángel de Asturias Salesian School, consists of 12 interactive pictures that show different sections on the History of Spain.


Mentiness is a platform that allows your employees to access a prevention and mental health care service through individualized sessions, workshops and online training together with our team of health professionals.


Minerva allows the collection, analysis, notifications and visualization of data in real time from all types of sources (machines, automatons, sensors, ERP, MES, IT equipment, etc.). The platform allows secure access to data through personalized dashboards for each user: operators, managers, management, etc. and from any device: mobile, tablet, PC or screens in the plant.

Mapping Aristóteles

This project developed by FabLab students from the Salesianos Santo Ángel Avilés Schoolconsists of a mapping made on a bust of Aristotle made in 3D that simulates the philosopher speaking.

Keeping distances

A group of sixth grade students from the Plurilingual CEIP Santa Rita de Galdo developed this project that consists of a wardrobe accessory that alerts you when the social distance is less than 1.5 meters, thus being a great ally to avoid  catching Covid-19.




Inclusive Makers

Inclusive Talents aims to promote STEM vocations among young people and provide an understanding of the reality of living with disability reality through working via collaborative teams to solve technological challenges exposed by people with cerebral palsy. This project was development within the CITIC of UDC, Aspace, FECYT and various educational centres run by the Ministry of Education, Culture and University.

Robotic hand

El proyecto del brazo robótico, llevado a cabo por Sergio Dacal, está controlado por inteligencia artificial y sensores musculares. Surgió de la idea de poder ayudar a personas con ciertas discapacidades físicas de una manera maker y que no fuera especialmente cara como las actuales opciones en el mercado. 

Ortesats: from Ortigueira to space

This project, carried out by a group of four STEM Excellence Baccalaureate students from IES de Ortigueira, consists of building a CanSat capable of carrying out two missions. The primary mission is to capture measurements of pressure, atmospheric temperature and humidity every second during the Cansat descent using the AdaFruit BME-280 sensor. The secondary mission is to take photos during the descent which are later analyzed using an algorithm with the aim of being able to carry out urbanistic studies.

Painting with robots

Painting with Robots works in the development of robots capable of using classic painting tools such as oils, acrylics, paintbrushes, spatulas etc. The aim is to imitate the techniques of a professional painter to explore new limits between to digital art and painting through or control of textures, cores, etc. and not to reproduce existing paintings.


Maker Projects

We have a panoramic view of maker projects that Galician teachers are going to carry out in their classrooms. You will be able to choose also participating students and recognize these innovative initiatives.

Robodríguez -Synthpop 100% DIY

Robodriguez is the totally DIY synthpop musical proposal by Felipe Rodríguez, multi-instrumentalist musician and passionate geek of sound and musical computing. With a retro aesthetic and provocative intention, it leaves no one indifferent. His lyrics combine satire, dystopia and social denunciation, and the live shows are performances with unexpected surprises.




Pathfinder Project

The Pathfinder project is aimed at taking care of astronauts’ health while travelling in spacel. A 3D printed kit that is both light and simple with which astronauts can train at all times to avoid muscle injuries keeping them fit and healthy.


Combination is an exciting way of creating things. probatio is a toolkit for combining parts for creating new digital musical instruments. It attempts to reduce the gap between abstract ideas and functional prototypes by making it quick and easy to experiment with postures and gestures that generate sound in real-time. probatio presents alternatives to go beyond the tabletop and attempts to spark unusual ways for musical expression.




PictoTempo is a project that aims to help children with some type of autism spectrum disorder ASD) and, in general, users with functional and cognitive diversity, in the organization and performance of their daily routines and tasks. This appt contributes to improving their autonomy and makes it easier for their educators to carry out programming adapted to their needs and continuous monitoring of these routines and tasks.

Ponsola 2.0

This project carried out by the VermisLAB MakersPRO students consists of a video game console, similar to the Arcade consoles of the 90s. The difference is that, in this case, it does not need coins to work, but rather by using discharged batteries. That's right! For each pile you recycle you will gain a life in the game.




Maker Store

Maker Store By Allnet is a store specialized in the commercialization of products based on the Maker movement and the STEAM philosophy, such as 3D printers, 3D filament, electronic components, development boards, educational robots, tools, power supplies, instruments. measurement and control, home automation, IoT & LoRaWAN.

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