It is a product that aims to improve the health and independence of the elderly thanks to its artificial intelligence and loT.



Simplify is a social and disruptive video game that seeks generational integration through an eSport.


Surface solid waste collector ship.



Our project serves to help people with visual limitations when swimming in a pool, helping them to know its limits.


VibroMesh helps people with hearing limitations to perform rhythmic gymnastics by making it possible for them to perceive music.


Surface solid waste collector ship.

Robots de cine

Functional replications of robots from the cinema.

Pictocal: interactive digital calendar based on pictograms

PictoCal is a web application developed to create attractive calendars for children or people with cognitive diversity.

Pathfinder System

Project designed to deliver essential goods to the civilian population in hostile territory. It is based on a swarm drone system.


Stepping strong

It is about generating electrical energy taking advantage of the piezoelectric properties of some materials and studying the most visited places in the city.

Robot Band

Tetsuji Katsuda from Japan presents the Robot Band formed by five humanoid robots. Two on drums, two on metallophones and Miss Tomato on the microphone with her incredible voice. 

Don't miss the show on Saturday and Sunday 5th at 1pm!



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