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Resib Labs is a laboratory created by a group of young people passionate about technology where they can give free rein to their ingenuity and creativity.

What does the project consist of?

Throughout this year and a half of existence, we have come up with a variety of projects of which we highlight:
A domotic pot that helps with indoor plant cultivation, allowing users to grow plants in adverse conditions and monitor environmental conditions, such as soil humidity, remotely.
A chess clock, to make games more interesting. It has different types of games for the user to choose from.
Arcade Games, we wanted to go back to the origins of video games with the creation of our own arcade games in which you will have to solve a series of challenges if you want to reach the finish line.

What is the purpose of this project?

This type of project seeks to democratise access to technology in all social strata, with special emphasis on the population of rural areas whose difficulty in accessing these resources and user communities is greater. Initially focused on the general public and thanks to the invaluable collaboration of the Vilanova de Arousa City Council, a guided training centre called Salnés Campus was created, from which this self-organised group called Resib Labs has emerged with the aim of empowering young people with technological interests and giving them a place.


How does it work?

The Domotic Planter uses a combination of red and blue light periods as a light source for growing plants. This combination of light periods provides a spectrum of light similar to that of the sun and even allows us to make the cultivation of these plants more efficient. This technology is complemented by environmental temperature and humidity sensors as well as soil humidity sensors that allow us to monitor the state of the plant and its environment from our device, thanks to its Node MCU board.

The chess clock is created with an Arduino board, two buttons, a buzzer and an LCD display and is able to count the playing time for each player, control turns and provide a visual and auditory interface to keep the game running effectively. The user simply has to choose which type of game they want to play and then they will have to respect the turn until one of the participants wins or the time runs out.

The video games are created on the Makecode Arcade platform. They are designed so that the user has to solve challenges in order to advance in the game.

What about the Maker Community?

Our technological laboratory project and the projects that are carried out in it provide young makers with a vision that with the desire to learn, create and share knowledge, it is possible to create projects as interesting as those created by our members.

Who did the project?

All members of the laboratory have created one or two projects that would be shown on the display.



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