XuvenCiencia will offer small workshops at the MakerFaire that will allow visitors to manipulate the elements of the kits and do small experiments.


What does the project consist of?
XuvenCiencia is a group of teachers from the Lugo Campus of the USC that since 2013 has developed an ambitious project of scientific dissemination with three aspects: the XuvenCiencia Summer Campus for teenagers, training sessions for secondary school teachers and a programme that brings research practice to the classrooms of schools and institutes using experimentation kits.

What is the aim of this project?
The dissemination of science and technology and the promotion of scientific vocations, especially among pre-university students.

What does it bring to the Maker Community?
Since 2013, the XuvenCiencia Group has been developing experimental kits for the classroom using the Maker philosophy: the Fotometrix photometer for the photometric analysis of protein content in milk; the AquaLab kit for carrying out a water balance; the fluorescence viewer of the DNAMeat genetics kit and others.

Who carried out the project?
The XuvenCiencia Group of teachers from the Lugo Campus of the USC.

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