XUVENLAB will make the different scientific experimentation kits available to the Maker community. 


What does the project consist of?
XuvenLab is a spin-off of the University of Santiago de Compostela, which arises from the teaching innovation group XuvenCiencia of the Lugo campus. Our aim is to provide secondary school teachers with an improved version of the experimentation kits designed by the XuvenCiencia group to put the scientific method into practice in the classroom. We also offer the necessary advice to implement their use in schools through courses for teachers. Our kits aim to revolutionise science teaching with the philosophy of learning by doing and provide access to scientific innovation from pre-university levels.

What is the purpose of this project?
XuvenLab aims to be a benchmark in the transfer of scientific knowledge developed at the university; bringing research practice to the classroom through these kits, offering teacher training services, organising science outreach days and summer camps, where one of our objectives is to promote scientific vocations among pre-university students.


What about the Maker Community?

XuvenLab will show the scientific experimentation kits for the classroom using the Maker philosophy: the Fotometrix photometer used for photometric analysis of the protein content in milk and other vegetable drinks; the AquaLab kit to carry out a water balance and check the water content in different soils; the fluorescence viewer of the DNAMeat genetics kit and others.


Who carried out the project?

Helga Peral Varela, promoter of the spin-off and other partners: Wajih Al-Soufi, Mercedes Novo Rodríguez, Marta López Alonso, Montserrat Valcárcel Armesto, Ana Couso Viana, Eva Cabanelas Dopazo, Juan Luis Fernández Lorenzo, Maribel Quiroga Berdeal, Elena Freire Paz and Ana Cabana Iglesia.



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