Carlota Corzo, a Galician creator gives Forbes list 30 under 30

Since the beginning of Maker Faire Galicia, we have always defended that talent has no identity, no gender, no specific area and that the profiles of makers, as well as society as a whole, are very diverse. Some examples are the minimakers that year after year excite us with their projects, Patelo with their miniature motors or some two hits from recent editions such as Maitane AlonsoDavid Aguilar or Gitanjali Rao herself who will accompany us in this edition.

Another example is Carlota Corzo, a Galician with a degree in Fine Arts who recently became well known throughout Spain for being part of the Forbes 30 under 30 list (which selects the 30 most influential people in Spain under 30). To situate ourselves in the dimension of this list, comment that among those 30 profiles are names like Ibai Chairos or Rosalía.

After creating several NGOs and detecting a series of resolution needs, Carlota embarks on founding a startup called Lázzaro that applies blockchain technology to incorporate traceability such as doazón, something that revolutionized the sector.

In addition, he is far from non-stop receiving recognitions such as two Novos MásHumano Awards, as a Special Mention, two Humanitarian Technology Awards from the Spanish Vermella Cross or the Product Hawkers Awards, he is studying a Master for Leadership Management at the EU University in Germany, he participates in numerous exhibitions because his artistic work is about to write a book on polymathy.

With all this curriculum and what remains to be written for this multidisciplinary maker, we could not elect any better to inaugurate the educational day of the next 3 of a year at the Museo Gaiás da Cidade da Cultura.