System for the early detection of fires through the sensorisation of forest areas. Based on LoRa IOT technologies.


What is the project about?
An advanced system for the early detection of forest fires using wide-area sensing, employing LoRa IoT communication technology to ensure extended range and optimal energy efficiency. This system is designed to minimise response times and improve accuracy in detecting fire conditions.

The key components of the system are: Environmental Sensors, LoRa IoT Technology, Data Analysis and Automatic Response, Integration with Emergency Services and Maintenance and Scalability.


What is the purpose of this project?
The aim of this project is to develop and deploy an early detection system for forest fires using advanced sensing and communication technologies to protect our natural resources, preserve biodiversity and ensure the safety of communities near forest areas. As well as minimising the economic damage caused by these natural disasters. By integrating humidity, temperature and CO2 sensors with LoRa IoT technology, we aim to establish a robust and efficient network capable of monitoring vast forest areas, detecting risky conditions before they become active fires and knowing if they are occurring as early as possible.


How does it work?
For the development of this project we use a LoRa central station (gateway) which is connected to the stations via Lora WAN. These stations are equipped with the sensors mentioned above. The collected data is stored in a database, which makes it possible to train a machine learning model to predict the risk of a fire occurring. A web interface developed with a Python framework (Flask) and the React javascript library is provided for the visualisation of the information from the sensors by a user.


What does it bring to the Maker Community?
Projects that combine IoT and environmental sensing offer a rich opportunity for hands-on learning in fields such as electronics, programming and data management. By working with technologies such as LoRa and sensors of various types, makers can deepen their technical understanding and develop skills in emerging areas of technology. Participating in projects that have a direct impact on environmental conservation and the protection of life and property encourages makers to apply their skills to projects with a positive social impact. This not only contributes to the global community, but also enriches each maker's portfolio and personal experience.

Who has carried out the project?
The project has been carried out by the four students of the robotics degree that make up this group. Ángel Jesús SuárezTorres, Jorge de la Fuente Requejo, Manuel Causín Fórneas and Lois Nodar Corral.


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