Colegio Aldovea (Alcobendas)

An integrative project that fuses chess with all maker skills.

What does the project consist of?

Our project, conceived by 6th grade students from Colegio Aldovea in Alcobendas, is an innovative integration of chess with various disciplines, promoting maker principles and interdisciplinary collaboration.

We have adopted a holistic approach, starting with the creation of chess songs using artificial intelligence, followed by the design of a thematic clothing line. Next, we explored photography as a means to capture the essence of chess in everyday moments. In parallel, we have developed interactive chess games using Scratch and designed unique trophies using 3D technology.

This project has not only been an educational experience, but also a testament to the power of collaboration and passion. We will continue to break boundaries and share our passion for chess, music, fashion, photography, programming and 3D design with others.

We are grateful for the support of our classmates, as well as the older students and our teachers, whose guidance and encouragement have been instrumental in this journey.


What is the aim of this project?

Our goal is to transform chess into an educational and culturally enriching platform. Through music, fashion, photography, programming and 3D design, we seek to broaden the scope of chess beyond a simple game.

How does it work?
For the development of the project, the following technologies have been used:

-Artificial Intelligence (AI): used to generate chess songs with the help of an AI called SUNO.

-Scratch: Programming platform used to develop interactive chess games.
3D Design: A platform, possibly Bitbloq, was used to design unique trophies and other chess-related elements, using 3D design technology.

-Artificial Intelligence in image generation: AI was probably also used to generate chess-related images.

-Digital image editing: for the development of artistic activities-crafts, such as a chess set that changes the traditional colours for the colours of the Starry Night or Güells Park or the board based on Las Meninas and The Great Wave.

These technologies have been fundamental to the successful implementation of the project, allowing a creative and multidisciplinary integration of chess with other areas of interest such as music, fashion, photography and programming. The fundamental objective is that the user is encouraged to enter the world of chess through the skill - maker competence with which he/she can best connect.



What does it bring to the Maker Community?
The Checkmate project offers a valuable contribution to the Maker community by providing an inspiring and versatile template for "makerising" any project. The notion of "making" implies the ability to transform any idea into a project that embraces maker principles, thus fostering collaboration and innovation among members of the community.

This initiative unifies makers under one banner, providing a common framework for the creation of bigger and better projects. By adopting this approach, the project not only promotes creativity and experimentation, but also strengthens the bonds within the Maker community, boosting the collective potential to generate innovative and meaningful solutions.

Who has realised the project?
The Jaque Mate project has been carried out by 6th grade students from Aldovea School in Alcobendas (Madrid), including Telmo, Gonzalo Torres, Lolo, Santi Gómez, Santi Mora, Enrique, Jaime, Ventura, and Íñigo.


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